1. What is Ship Medicines Online?

Ship Medicines Online is an online pharmacy store. You simply have to visit our site and look for the info that you want to know about. We provide details about the drug and its related information for the viewer’s knowledge.

2. Why should I buy products from this site?

There are a number of online website and online pharmacies that are dealing in medicines which are sold at higher rates in the drugs stores. Most of them are in this market just to earn profits. We, on the other hand work a little differently from them. It is obvious that we are also making money out of it. However, we believe in providing our customers with the best service and quality products. Our products are 100% genuine and FDA approved.  

3. What kind of medicines are sold on this website?

We mainly deal in medicines that are prescribed for the purpose of – pain relievers(such as Hydrocodone, Tramadol, Codeine, etc.), anxiety and other psychiatric disorders(medicines like Xanax bars), attention deficiency, detoxification treatments, and other related health issues. For more info, you can go through the section where all our products are listed. 

4. What should I know about generic medicines?

Generic medicines are the same drug that are sold under the name of other brand drugs. The dosage, strength, quality and safety of the drug remains the same. The only difference that you can count between a generic drug and a brand drug is the pricing and color of the drug. Generic medicines are comparatively cheaper in price as to the brand drugs.  

5. Why are prices of the drugs/medicines so less?

The prices of the products on our site are lesser as compared to the offline drug store. It is so because the products that are available on our site are directly taken from the manufactures and due to this we do not have to pay for the middle-men cost. As our site is online, we do not need to spend on extra expenses that shall be taken to maintain the goods or store them. 

6. What if the package is damaged or is not complete?

In any such case where the order that you have received from our service is damaged or wrongly delivered, you shall inform us as soon as possible. Our customer executive team is always there to solve your queries. Once we’ll get the product back, your money will be returned to you as per the guidelines given in the Delivery and Refund.

7. In what time will my product be delivered?

It will take approximately 5-7 working days to get your order delivered at your very doorstep. You may also track your order through the tracking id that is given at the time of placing the order. If you have any further query, ask it from our customer support team. 

8. What are the modes of payment that we can opt for?

As per your convenience, we have given a few options for you on the payment page. To be in particular, you can use all type of cards and Western Union payment mode.  

9. How should I contact you?

You can contact as at any time through our online support system that we have given for your convenience. Our customer service is available for you at 24*7. You can check for the details through our Contact Us section on the website.