Generic Drugs Definition: Why are Generic medicines much cheaper than the brand name drugs?

Generic Drug Facts & Definitions

The drugs that are sold in the market are of two kinds – generic medicines and brand name medicines. There is not much difference between generic drugs and brand drugs. A generic version of a drug is produced by the manufacturing companies to be precisely the same as its brand version. There isn’t any change in the dosage of the drug, strength, quality, route of administration, and safety of the drug.

Generic medicines and brand name medicines –

As stated above, a generic drug works as the same as brand drug and provides the same beneficial effects. The FDA has approved all generic drugs that are produced under their brand name. The characteristic that is held by the brand-versions of a drug is also the same as in the case of generic medicines. Not only the benefits but also the side effects and risks that are involved in taking a brand version of the drug are faced as well while using the generic version of the drug.  

Generic drugs
Why are Generic drugs cheaper than brand name drugs?

The generic medications that are sold in the market are firstly reviewed by the FDA Generic Drugs Program. Not only this, but the FDA also keeps on doing inspections in the manufacturing units. These inspections are done in compliance with the regulations put on the manufacturing projects. The FDA also monitors the supply chain of medicines at all levels.

They check for the products that are sold to the consumers (directly or indirectly) are safe, good in quality, and effectively working or not. When it comes to the notice of the FDA that the side effects or reactions of a drug are not appropriate, there will be certain amendments in the working or manufacturing of the drug. It will include both – the brand drugs and generic drugs.

Generic drugs and its approval from the FDA    

It is a requirement of the FDA to explain this even further that a generic medication is effectively the same and can be substituted in place of a brand drug. Below we have listed a few points that will explain in what manner generic drugs and brand drugs are the same –

  • In a generic drug and a brand drug, the active ingredient is the same.
  • The generic drugs have the same strength (mg), effect, route of administration, and use of indication is the same as the brand drug.
  • The standard and rules set for brand drugs are strictly followed by generic drugs, as well.
  • The outer packaging and the label of a generic drug will be the same as brand drug versions.

Generic drugs and brand drugs with their cost –

Many people may not know this, but the generic version of a drug is less in price as compared to the brand version. It is due to the reason that generic medicines do not have to repeat the clinical trials that were already done in the manufacturing of brand drugs. Also, there are several other applications for a generic drug, which means there is competition in the market for a single product. It further lowers down the rates of generic medicines in the market. 

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