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Opana ER is a painkiller and is available in different strengths. You can check the packages below in the chart -:

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What is the use of Opana ER tablets?

Opana ER 15mg pills are the extended-release form of the drug. It is classified under the group of narcotic analgesics. The purpose for which people buy Opana ER online is to give relief to the pain occurring at a high intensity. It is important to note that Opana ER is a potent medication treatment for pain. Therefore, it should not be taken for recreational purposes. 

These pills of Opana ER are a brand version of Oxymorphone extended-release tablets. The company that supplies the medicines of Opana is registered by the name Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc. Opana ER pills are classified as a Schedule II drug under the Controlled Substance Act.   

Dosage of Opana ER

The pills of Opana ER are available in several dosages that a doctor prescribes to his/her patient. The dosage of Opana ER may vary from person to person, depending upon some factors. The doses that are commonly prescribed are – 5mg, 7.5mg, 10mg, 15mg, 20mg, 30mg and 40mg tablets. These variants are manufactured by different pharmaceutical companies so that every individual is prescribed the drug as per his/her condition.  

The initial dose of Opana ER is 5mg to 10mg of the drug. People who have not taken an active narcotic drug before will be given a low dose so that no harmful effects are caused. Also, it is equally important to consult a doctor before you buy Opana ER online

One of the most commonly prescribed dosages of Opana ER is a 15mg tablet. Opana ER 15mg is an eight-sided pill that is white in color. You can identify the medicine by the number 15 encrypted on one side of the tablet. The company that supplies these tablets is Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc. 

 What are the side effects of Opana ER?

There are a few harmful side effects of Opana ER due to which it is restricted for use in pregnancy. Some of the side effects of Opana ER that are seen to occur are as follows –

  • Bad Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Low blood pressure 
  • Feeling like you may pass out
  • Noisy breathing 
  • Constipation or stomach ache 
  • Fever or high body temperature
  • Seizure or convulsions 
  • Change of eyesight and blurry vision
  • Memory retention problems 
  • Hallucination or other mental issues 
  • Mood swings 

When in case you see any of these side effects starting to occur in your body, you shall report it immediately to a health expert. It will allow you to manage the symptoms then and there, and no danger will occur. You may purchase Opana ER pills after you have a written prescription from a health expert. 

What type of warnings are related to the use of Opana ER?

Below is a list of warnings that you must remember before starting with Opana ER doses –

  • The tablets of Opana ER may cause severe aftereffects. Sometimes, the effect can be so deadly that it may affect your health to an extent. 
  • This drug is a potent medication for pain relief, which means that the harmful effect will also be severe. Any misuse of the drug will result in the risk of life. 
  • While you are on the dose of Opana ER, your body functioning will be closely monitored by a health advisor. 
  • Opana ER pills are highly effective. Hence, a person may get easily addicted to the drug dosage if he/she continues to take the drug for long. 
  • There are chances of breathing problems as soon as you start with the dose of Opana ER. 
  • Opana ER has opioid content in it, mixing it with a benzodiazepine drug will cause severe drug interaction. 
  • Do not take alcohol while you are on the regular dose of Opana ER tablets. Alcohol is a sedative that may cause severe drowsiness, and coming in contact with Opana ER will be more dangerous to the health.

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