Shipping Policy

All the orders that we book at the are delivered to the door of the customers.

The orders are handled at our head office. Then handed over to our trusted delivery partners. also offers overnight delivery options for the ease of use of our customers. Overnight delivery ensure next day delivery at customers’ doorsteps.

Our delivery executives do not work on the weekends. The orders placed on Friday, Saturday or Sunday are delivered on Monday only.

The shipping and delivery of the package depend upon its contents and shipping address.

The estimated delivery time provided to our customers is only an estimate, so we do not ensure the delivery at precisely the same time estimated.

If your shipment is not received on the last day of expected delivery, you can inform us, and we will look into the matter. We get back to you and provide you the delivery of your package as soon as possible.

Guaranteed Delivery

The delivery of your shipment is insured. We ensure you a 100% guaranteed delivery within three days following your order placement.

Once we receive your order, we quickly start processing it. As soon as the processing is done, your order is sent for the delivery. Shipping is done within one business day after processing.

If the order is not received your order within three days, you can apply for a full refund.

Fast Response

We quickly response to your orders. We offer you the rapid response team to process and ship your package.

Delivery Policy

As we mentioned, our delivery teams do not work on the weekends. Your order will not be delivered on Saturdays and Sundays.

We deliver the package within 24 hours following the placement of order.