Sleeping Pill Facts: Ambien Side Effects, Symptoms and Abuse

Ambien Side Effects

Sleeping Pills Abuse: Signs & Symptoms Sleeping pills come under the drug class of sedative-hypnotics. Doctors prescribe them for insomnia and other sleep disorders to induce sleep. Sleeping pills are short-term medications for sleep as they have the potential for misuse, abuse, and addiction. Though they are useful significantly for legitimate reasons, sleeping pills also … Read more

Ambien for Insomnia – The Most Sought After Sleeping Treatment

Ambien for Insomnia

Insomnia and its effect  A human body has its tendency to work for a limited time and then wants to have a proper sleep after a tiring day. It mainly happens when you are a regular worker and do not get enough time to take rest. Eventually, the person will fall asleep due to the … Read more

Generic Drugs Definition: Why are Generic medicines much cheaper than the brand name drugs?

Generic medicines brand name drugs

Generic Drug Facts & Definitions The drugs that are sold in the market are of two kinds – generic medicines and brand name medicines. There is not much difference between generic drugs and brand drugs. A generic version of a drug is produced by the manufacturing companies to be precisely the same as its brand … Read more