Matthew Stone

Heyy, you people are awesome for selling these medicines that are hard to get online. Since I have made 2 purchases from you people and am satisfied, in future also my orders will be placed from here. Thanks again

Kevin Brown Tramadol 50mg October 19, 2019

Linda Towe

I purchased my medicines a month before. I asked your customer service if there was an option for COD and they said no. For your customers convenience you should display the option for COD. Thanks

Linda Towe Ambien 5mg October 19, 2019

Renee Sipes

I ordered Percocet two weeks before and it got delivered within 2 days but it was not the same color. I opted for peach and instead I got white however the effect was the same. Still, I would have like to get the same one that I ordered for.

Renee White Percocet 10/325mg October 19, 2019

Giovanni Adrian

The medicines are good in quality but had a smell in packaging. I would give a 4 out of 5 for delivery service but the packaging could have been better.

Jared Brandt Hydrocodone 10/325mg October 19, 2019

peggy chandler

Thankyou guys for making an on-time delivery. Although I wished to get it a little early as I opted for overnight delivery but it took 2 days. 

Peggy Chandler Xanax 2mg October 19, 2019

Amelia Abrams

It’s really appreciative how you handle your customers and solve problems within time. I called at your customer care as I was unable to place my order and they helped me fairly well so thanks for that. The medicines reached me on time neither late nor too early. Thank you

Amelia Smith Oxycontin 80mg October 19, 2019